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Digital Spatial Profiler

Digital Spatial Profiler

The Spatial Biology Solution

Light-directed selection enabling dynamic profiling modalities

Enables selected ROI profiling

Comperhensive technology for RNA & Protein profiling


To fit a range of applications and plex needs

Flexible and Validated

GeoMx DSP provides an Integrated Environment

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) combines the best of spatial and molecular profiling technologies by generating digital whole transcriptomes and profiling data for 100s of validated Protein analytes from up to 12 tissue slides per day. This unique combination of high-plex and high-throughput spatial profiling enables researchers to rapidly and quantitatively assess the biological implications of the heterogeneity within tissue samples

Multiplex - Many analytes on one tissue slice in a single pass

Multi-Analyte - High plex spatial analysis of both protein and RNA

Quantitative - Simple counts delivered to you in an elegant integrated software

High Resolution - Limit of detection down to single cell

Non-Destructive - Sample is only touched by light

Throughput - Up to 12 sections per day

GeoMx DSP is Your GPS for Biology

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Pathway analysis
Pathway analysis
Tissue Biomarker Discovery
Tissue Biomarker Discovery
Spatial Omics
Spatial Omics


GeoMx® RNA Assays
GeoMx® Protein Assays
Digital Spatial Profiler

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