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About Us

As a leader in the industry since 2010, We have an association with technology leaders for Clinical, Analytical, and Life Sciences requirements. We work to promote a healthier world by enabling our customers to deliver innovative technologies with a comprehensive portfolio from detection and imaging solutions to informatics and services. This technology moves customers through the whole process – faster, better, and more efficiently.


We are committed to advancing the scientific understanding of complex therapeutic areas like Oncology, Immunology, Neurology, Infectious Disease, Regenerative Medicine, and the application areas like Microbiology, Genomics, Proteomics, Spatial Omics, Metabolomics, Polymers Analysis, and many more.


Honesty is the base of everything we do


Strive for continuous improvement

Customer Focus

Driven by customers success

Technology Edge

Continuous efforts in understanding and applying new technologies for improving outcomes

Our Core Values

Our core values define our business culture and who we are as BIOINNOVATIONS employees. They guide our decision-making process and how we behave both when interacting with colleagues and in our relationships with external stakeholders. Our core values represent a competitive advantage.


Connecting technologies to life.
To create a sustainable and high-value health system with Bioinnovations. There is a reason why millions of people around the globe have an unbreakable trust in our company as our mission is to make sure that every offered clinical, research or analytical solution can enhance the work of our clients.

We are proud of what we do as well as how we take care of the clients. Before taking any step, we continuously ask, “how will this be of advantage to our client?” as it is our sense of responsibility to maintain quality which keeps us focused on what matters. The connected health solutions of Bioinnovations make you capable of delivering more.


Life @ Bioinnovations

Are you interested in joining a team of talented innovators? Bioinnovations is hiring! We are looking for people who are passionate about our industry and committed to working together in order to make a great product. Take a look through our openings below, and if you find a role that interests you simply reach out.

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