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360 Series Panel Collection
nCounter® Breast Cancer 360™ Panel
nCounter® PanCancer IO 360™ Panel
nCounter® Tumor Signaling 360 Panel
nCounter® PanCancer
Immune Profiling Panel
nCounter® PanCancer Progression Panel
nCounter® PanCancer Pathways Panel
nCounter® Immune Exhaustion Panel
ADC Development Panel
RUO PAM50 Code Set
Lymphoma Subtyping Test (LST) CodeSet – RUO
nCounter® miRNA Expression Panels


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MBT Pilot for guided sample transfer

The MBT Pilot facilitates correct sample positioning through patented micro projection technology by indicating the next free MALDI target plate position.

MBT Shuttle Ergonomic Target Holder

The MBT Shuttle target holder is used to securely hold MBT Biotargets during the sample preparation process.

MBT Galaxy for automated application of matrix and formic acid

The MBT Galaxy frees laboratory personnel from cumbersome pipetting while ensuring the highest preparation quality under controlled conditions and complete traceability in a paperless workflow.

MBT Pathfinder™ IVD with Feeder option for automation of MALDI target preparations

The MBT Pathfinder IVD combines semi-automated colony picking with a unique sample preparation procedure of transferring the colonies onto the MALDI target plate.

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