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BioPharma Compass®

BioPharma Compass®

A workflow-based software platform, suitable for mass spectrometry experts and routine users alike.

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Simplify routine workflows through automation


The regulatory toolkit supports work under regulated conditions. The data mover enables data transfer to a protected server for utmost data security and access is limited through the database under audit trail.


Adapts to user requirements and can be scaled from a single workstation to a client server network spanning a global biotech enterprise.


Well documented and preinstalled workflow methods provide for a steep operator learning curve and fast return of investment. Automated result interpretation supports shortening analysis turn-around times.


Comprehensive workflows for automated biopharmaceuticals characterization from acquisition to report generation in a single process.


BioPharma Compass® provides answers for biopharma R&D and process development

Suitable for a wide range of applications like:

  • Oligonucleotide and peptide synthesis QC

  • Clone screening – e.g., sequence or glycoprofilebased

  • Rapid drug substance ID testing in 15 min for Fill & Finish operations

  • Released glycan profiling

  • Incoming goods testing (polymers, detergents, etc.)



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BioPharma Compass®

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