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fleXmatrix™ delivers high resolution imaging quality while protecting instrument integrity

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Features of fleXmatrix

fleXmatrix™ is perfectly suited for use with IntelliSlides™ and can be used with all of Bruker’s MALDI Imaging platforms.

It offers reliable MALDI ionization and is easily removed from tissue samples after MALDI measurement for applications such as histological staining.

fleXmatrix™ is extra pure to remove potential sources of contamination.

This simplifies laboratory workflows and maximizes uptime by removing potential sources of sample or instrument contamination. It comes pre-portioned for ease of preparation and fleXmatrix™ dissolves rapidly for short sonication times.

fleXmatrix™ kits enable easy and convenient preparation of matrix solutions for use in MALDI Imaging.

Delivered in convenient portion sizes, fleXmatrix™ simplifies and speeds up sample preparation. Different kits are available for the MALDI Imaging analysis of lipids, peptides, and proteins, and specialized matrix specifically for MALDI-2 post-ionization analysis.




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