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MALDI AnchorChip Targets

MALDI AnchorChip Targets

  • Patented AnchorChip™ targets are polished steel targets with hydrophilic sample and calibrant spots surrounded by a hydrophobic barrier for MALDI sample preparation. Sample positions on contain "anchors"; hydrophilic patches surrounded by a hydrophobic ring.

  • The "anchor" localizes droplets at the sample position and the hydrophobic ring prevents sample spreading and concentrates the sample into a spot between 0.4 and 2 mm in diameter.

  • The localization effect ensures that every single laser shot fired throughout an automatic run will hit a sample spot. This significantly increases the efficiency of the MALDI acquisition process.

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Compatible with Series instruments

Compatible with series instruments

Compatible with autoflex, ultraflex , rapifleX, timsTOF fleX, scimaX and solariX series instruments.




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MALDI AnchorChip Targets

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