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Molecular Breeding & Genotyping By Sequencing

Cost-Effective Solution to Accelerate Molecular Breeding

Plant Molecular Breeding: an upgraded ancient practice

  • Molecular breeding is attempt to change the genetic make up of plants for desired trait.

  • Although the scientific concepts in plant breeding originated about 100 years ago, domestication and selection of desirable plants from prehistoric periods have contributed tremendously to ensure human food security.

  • Different types of molecular markers have been developed and extensively used during the last three decades for identifying linkage between genes and markers, discovering quantitative trait loci (QTLs).

  • The next generation plant breeding would demand more efficient technologies to develop low cost, high-throughput genotyping for screening large populations within a smaller time frame.

NGS : Cost-effective & high throughput genotyping solution for molecular breeding

  • With the availability of whole genome sequences (WGS), the perspective of identification of DNA markers has shifted from fragment based polymorphism identification to sequence based single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) identification to expedite the marker identification process and to increase the number of informative markers.

  • But the WGS technologies based on Sanger sequencing are time consuming, costly and provide information only on the target individual, which have limited its use in specific gene discovery. Its direct use in large breeding populations is limited by time and cost factors. The advent of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and powerful computational pipelines has reduced the cost of whole genome sequencing by many folds allowing discovery, sequencing and genotyping of thousands of markers in a single step.

  • NGS offers high multiplex levels, robust call rates, and an economical approach to genotyping large numbers of SNPs and samples. Targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS) can focus on thousands of markers to provide a cost-effective, high-throughput genotyping solution that is customizable, flexible, and scalable.

  • Scalable High-Throughput Genotyping System. Target up to 20,000+ relevant markers in the same assay

  • Fast Turnaround Time. Get custom assays delivered in 4 to 6 weeks

  • Cost-Effective Solution for All Platforms. Process thousands of samples at a time on either       Illumina®, MGISEQ/BGISEQ, or Ion Torrent™ NGS platforms

  • Streamlined, Automation-Friendly Workflow. Generate sequencing-ready libraries in just 3 hours using a simple, three-step protocol that can be easily automated

  • High-Quality, Reproducible Results. Prepare high-quality NGS libraries with high marker call rates and efficient use of sequencing reads

Get AgriType custom NGS panel for plant breeding

Targeted Genotyping By Sequencing Solution

The AgriType™ Targeted Genotyping by Sequencing Solution is designed and developed to address large-scale genotyping projects in agrigenomics. The AgriType solution is powered by an advanced primer design algorithm, an efficient ultra-high multiplex PCR-based target enrichment chemistry, and a proprietary background cleaning technology. AgriType provides a cost-effective solution to construct NGS libraries to quickly and efficiently screen hundreds to tens of thousands of markers of interest to accelerate genotyping studies in fields such as aquaculture, livestock farming, and seed breeding.

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