Genomic Profiling

Solution for diagnosis and help for determining the treatment of diseases

  • Genomic profiling includes the detection of genetic variants that increases your risk for certain health conditions. It can provide diagnostic and prognostic information that aids in difficult clinical decision-making. The technique chosen depends on both the clinical question and the predictive value of the available tests.

  • Genomic profiling in India has evolved in leaps and bounds in the past decade. Currently, there exist DNA-based tests that address multiple concerns in healthcare, from disease prevention to molecular diagnosis.

Genomic Profiling


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Need of Gene and Genomic Testing
  • Diagnosis of disease or a type of disease.

  • Determination of the cause of a disease.


  • Determination of treatment options for a disease.

  • Find your risk of getting a certain disease that possibly can be prevented.

Exome Test

Sequencing of all protein-coding genes leading to detection of variants

Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

Complete RNA profiling for disease diagnosis and prevention


Study of collective genome of microorganisms from an environmental sample

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