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Bruker Corporation announced transformative sensitivity on the 4D-Proteomics timsTOF platform with the launch of the new timsTOF Ultra mass spectrometer. It incorporates a new Captive Spray Ionization (CSI) Ultra ion source with larger capillary and optimized vortex gas flow, a novel 4th-generation TIMS (trapped ion mobility separation) XR cell, and a 14-bit digitizer. The timsTOF Ultra can identify over 55K peptides that map into 5000 protein groups at the single-cell level of 0.125 ng protein loading, at 1% FDR, and over 4800 protein groups quantified at CVs of <20%. This breakthrough sensitivity and quantitation performance below the 1 ng protein load level sets a new benchmark. Unparalleled sensitivity, with the proven robustness of the timsTOF platform, and with PASEF duty cycle now up to 300 Hz for MS/MS, offers significant further performance improvements for ultra-low sample amounts, including unbiased single-cell proteomics and single-cell lipidomics, unbiased spatial proteomics, immunopeptidomics, phosphoproteomics, PTM analysis, and protein-protein interaction (PPI) studies.

We are pleased to provide you with an overview of this new product as soon as possible. We would like to invite you to the timsTOF Ultra launch webinar.

Bruker TimsTOF Ultra Launch Webinar

Bruker TimsTOF Ultra Launch Webinar

22 June 2023 at 6:00:00 am


Ultra Launch Webinar
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