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With antibiotic resistance continuing to be one of the largest global public health threats, the microbiology lab plays a critical role in patient care and stewardship efforts. This webinar provides attendees with the opportunity to hear from three experienced microbiologists about how they address challenges in today’s lab environment. Discover firsthand how they ensure efficiency in their workflow for rapid identification (ID), antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST), and software integration. Plus, see how they identify difficult organisms in a timely manner, and what technologies enable them to meet both patient needs and antibiotic stewardship goals.

Dr. Joseph Campos, Felicia Maida and Danaille Gustafson will discuss how they have implemented the ‘DxM Trio’ laboratory solution:

  • Bruker MALDI Biotyper® for rapid identification

  • Beckman Coulter DxM MicroScan WalkAway

  • LabPro software for workflow and data integration

Learn why these experts have selected this solution, and explore its benefits for antibiotic stewardship.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand how laboratories that use the ‘DxM Trio’ can impact and provide benefits to hospital antibiotic stewardship programs

  • Discover three benefits to laboratory efficiency and workflow through seamless ID, AST, and middleware integration

  • Explore the clinical value of rapid identification of unusual microbial species

Who should attend?

  • (Clinical) microbiology lab directors, lab supervisors, microbiologists, lab technologists, and other key decisionmakers in the microbiology lab

Certificate of attendance
All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

Empowering microbiologists with innovative technologies for clinical impact

Empowering microbiologists with innovative technologies for clinical impact

19 July 2023 at 3:00:00 pm
Dora Wells

Dora Wells

Select Science

Danaille P. Gustafson

Danaille P. Gustafson

Williamson Health

Felicia Maida

Felicia Maida

Microbiology Laboratory
Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Joseph Campos

Joseph Campos

George Washington Children's National Hospital


Empowering Microbiologists
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