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According to the current statistics in India, 1 in every 28 women suffer from Breast Cancer.

Just like the old saying “Prevention is better than cure” Let’s spread awareness and get our mothers, sisters, daughters and wife tested to have a safe, healthy and disease-free future.

Breast cancer is a group of cancer cells (malignant tumors) that starts in the breast cells and grows out of control. the incidence of the disease has increased dramatically, heightening concern among physicians and women in general.

Breast cancer is a metastatic cancer and can commonly transfer to distant organs such as the bone, liver, lung and brain, which mainly accounts for its incurability. There are numerous risk factors such as sex, aging, estrogen, family history, gene mutations and unhealthy lifestyle, which can increase the possibility of developing breast cancer.

Early diagnosis of the disease can lead to a good prognosis and a high survival rate.

It quickly decode the complexities of breast cancer biology. Develops novel breast cancer gene signatures and categorizes disease heterogeneity.

A multiplex PCR based targeted resequencing assay designed to simplify the evaluation of somatic and germline mutations in BRCA 1 and 2 genes.

Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (by Paragon Genomics)

Amplicon based targeted sequencing assay designed to examine the germline variants or mutations associated with hereditary Breast and Ovarian cancer.

MLA pipettes (by Vistalab)
Bioinnovations offers comprehensive solutions to screen and detect risk of recurrence
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