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Biomarker Discovery

An actionable insight denoting the pathophysiological condition of an individual.

Biomarker discovery and development are being enhanced by the use of new and complex technologies, giving hope that more clinical applications of biomarkers will be used to improve diagnosis, prognosis, and disease monitoring. However, improvements can always be made to enhance biomarker discovery automation and validation for clinical use.

We at BIOINNOVATIONS continually strive to provide technological advancement to our Biomarker researchers, clinicians, and laboratory personnel for precise research procedures

Why Biomarker discovery?

One of the best ways to diagnose the disease early, or to predict therapeutic responses, by using serum or tissue biomarkers.

Analytical evaluation and validation of biomarkers involve the use of assay technologies such as, nCounter Analysis system, GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP), Microarray & NGS to determine gene expression & mutation.

Tissue Biomarker Discovery

A non-destructive method for high-plex spatial profiling of proteins and genetic material as biomarkers

Clinical Proteomics

An attractive method for biomarker discovery from plasma and serum of large cohorts

Genomic Biomarkers

A true element for disease diagnosis.

Biomarker Discovery
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