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Consumables for Routine bacterial Identification

Consumables for Routine bacterial Identification

Prosigna Score / ROR Score:

The ROR Score has been validated to predict the risk of recurrence of disease in ER+ breast cancer after surgery and treatment with 5 years of endocrine therapy. The ROR score depends upon the biology of the intrinsic subtypes, the proliferation score of the tumor, and the tumor size as shown in the equation below:

ROR = aRLumA + bRLumB + cRHer2 + dRBasal + eP + fT

Each of the R variables in the equation above indicate the Pearson correlation coefficient of the PAM50 expression profile for the tumor compared to each of the prototypical centroids for the intrinsic subtypes shown in the heatmap below. P is the proliferation score, which is the average gene expression profile of genes associated with cell-cycle progression and T is the tumor stage.

Figure: Heatmap of PAM50 genes by subtype. Red is higher expression and green is lower expression

Consumables for Routine bacterial Identification
  • US IVD Bacterial Test Standard (BTS): The BTS is an E. coli extract spiked with two high molecular weight proteins and has been developed for the quality control process of the MALDI Biotyper CA System. Its specific composition covers the entire mass range of proteins used by MALDI Biotyper CA System for precise identification of microorganisms.

  • US IVD HCCA (alpha-Cyano-4- hydroxycinnamicacid) Matrix: The instant HCCA matrix enables easy and convenient preparation of HCCA matrix solutions. The matrix is soluble in standard organic solvent, easy to handle, and enables highly sensitive measurements

  • Disposable MBT Biotargets: The ready-to-use disposable MBT Biotargets provide 96 positions and a unique barcode for full traceability in paperless workflows. Disposable MBT Biotargetsoffer the same level of performance as reusable MALDI target plates without the need for time-consuming cleaning.

  • MBT Shuttle Target Holder: The MBT Shuttle target holder is used to securely hold MSP steel MALDI target plates and MBT Biotargetsduring the sample preparation process. The secure grip, non-slip rubber feet and ergonomic form make sample preparation easier

GeoMx DSP COVID-19 Protein and RNA Analysis

  • Rapidly perform high-plex spatial analyses of the host response in FFPE or fresh frozen tissue using the  GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP). NanoString’s GeoMx DSP platform enables high-plex protein and RNA experiments in key areas of biology such as molecular response, cellular (immune) response, tissue damage, and drivers of individual susceptibility to severe forms of disease.

  • The GeoMx COVID-19 Immune Response Atlas, a ~1,850-plex RNA assay, enables spatial studies of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and host response. RNA targets include COVID-19 receptors and proteases, pulmonary alveolar type I and II markers, lung biology markers, viral response markers, and SARS-CoV-2 probes. RNA targets are profiled simultaneously using the GeoMx DSP and an Illumina next-generation sequencer (NGS) for readout. Users can run ACD RNAscope™ probes alongside GeoMx RNA probes to identify regions of interest.

  • A five-antibody custom, ready-to-go protein panel, with receptor, protease, and viral markers is available through the GeoMx Technology Access Program or for order through Abcam. This  COVID-19 GeoMx-formatted Antibody  is run with the 20-plex GeoMx Immune Cell Profiling Core (plus controls) with readout on the nCounter Analysis System. Users can add up to six 10-plex modules including the Immune Activation Status, Immune Cell Typing, and/or Cell Death modules to more deeply profile proteins involved in T cell activation and cell death. NanoString scientists can recommend commercially-available markers for lung epithelium, nasal epithelium, immune response markers, and the viral spike protein.

The eight essential components of stem cell biology

Regulatory Signaling
Differentiation Signaling
Lineage Specification

Stem Cell Renewal:

  • Stem Cell Prolifiration

  • Cell Cycle

  • Senescence/Quiescence

  • Autophagy

  • Apoptosis

  • Anti-Apoptosis

  • PSC Pluripotency Markers and Regulators

  • Naive State/Primed State

Regulatory Pathways:​

  • Wnt/B-catenin Pathway

  • Hedgehog Signaling

  • AP-1 Signaling

  • PI3K-AKTmTOR Pathway

  • MAPK Pathway

  • JAK/STAT Pathway

  • Notch Signaling

Epigenetic Mechanism:

  • DNA Methylation

  • Histone Acetylation & Methylation


  • Rho/ROCK Signaling

  • integrin/Cadherin Signaling

  • Hippo Pathway


  • Oxidative Stress Response

  • Hypoxia Response

  • Amino Acid Metabolism

  • Fatty Acid Metabolism

  • Glutamine Metabolism

  • Glucose Metabolism

Differentiation Signaling and Pathways:

  • TGFB Signaling

  • Cytoskeletal Reorganization

  • MET/EMT Signaling

  • HOX Gene Activation

Differentiation Lineage:

  • Endodermal /Ectodermal /Mesodermal Lineage Markers

  • Key Somatic Cell Types

Custom & Clinical Products

Assay Type
Maximum Targets
Daily Sample Throughput
Analytes Offered
Common Applications

Custom codeSets

Elements TagSets

PlexSet Reagents

Self-assembled, interchangeable probes, optimized for smaller validation projects with maximum flexibility

Self-assembled, interchangeable probes for high-throughput, sample multiplexing projects

User-designed, turn-key solution that comes ready-to-use







mRNA, CNV, Fusions

mRNA, Fusions

mRNA, miRNA, CNV, Fusions

Cell line drug screen, biomarker development, infectious disease

Gene Signature Development

Model Organism, Microbes, Agriculture

Matrix HCCA, portioned

Purified matrix substance for MALDI-TOF-MS. alpha-cyano-4- hydroxycinnamic acid C10H7NO3 M 189.17 - CAS 28166-41-8.


2500 samples

Pack Size


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Bacterial Test Standard (BTS):

Mass calibration standard showing a typical Escherichia coli DH5 alpha peptide and protein profile plus additional proteins in MALDI-TOF MS.


12000 samples

Pack Size


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Biotarget - 96 position Disposable Target plates


20 plates/ Box

Pack Size


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MBT Shuttle:

The MBT Shuttle target holder is used to securely hold MSP steel MALDI target plates or MBT Biotargets during the sample preparation process.



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