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PolyTools 2.0

PolyTools 2.0

Monomeric units and end group determination of polymers

Industry standard software for the analysis of polymer mass spectrometry data including Kendrick Mass Defect plots

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Polymer MS spectra interpretation done the easy way


The use of fully adaptable monomer and end group lists reduces the risk of false spectra interpretation.


Simple homopolymer spectra can be easily analyzed by the simulation on detected series in the spectrum view. For complex spectra, different options of the visualization via the Kendrick Mass Defect supports the spectrum interpretation.


Direct data import from Brukers MALDI-TOF processing software flexAnalysis. Polymer spectra form other mass spectrometers can be analyzed via CSV export.

Easy to use

Right after data transfer PolyTools will calculate the characteristic values Mn and Mw of the polymer and makes suggestions for end group combinations.


  • Software for MS polymer data analysis

  • Simple, straightforward, specific

  • Quality control of incoming goods

  • In detail characterization of highly complex samples

  • MS/MS analysis of synthetic polymers



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