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Solid Tumor Profiling

Molecular Profiling of Solid Tumor Samples

  • One of the major challenges in clinical oncology research is the high degree of tumor heterogeneity. Understanding the genetic makeup of tumor specimens is critical for elucidating the underlying biology. 

  • Detection of mutations with critical clinical implications but present in low frequencies is especially important in solid tumor malignancies as the information can help to identify patients in more aggressive states of the disease.

The Best-in-Class Tumor Profiling Solution for Every NGS Lab

  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS) using amplicon-based panels is an ideal method to obtain a comprehensive view of the tumor’s genomic profile. 

  • Amplicon-based NGS panels can accurately, quickly, and economically detect clinically meaningful mutations present at low levels within the tumor.

Obtain Accurate, Reproducible, and Highest-Quality Results from Tumor Samples

The CleanPlex® OncoZoom® Cancer Hotspot Panel is a multiplex PCR-based targeted sequencing assay designed for rapid detection of somatic mutations across 2,900+ hotspot regions of 65 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.

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