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Obtain Accurate, Reproducible, and Highest-Quality Results to Predict Efficacy and Side Effects of Drugs

Pharmacogenomics to ensure maximum efficacy of drugs and minimal adverse drug reaction

  • Pharmacogenomics is the study of effect of genetic variation on drug response in patient.

  • Adverse drug reactions (ADR) are side effects of drugs; they are being  responsible for increase in morbidity and mortality rate in India.

  • Some drug shows minimum ADR’s while some shows bizarre ADR’s.

  • To overcome or to minimize ADR, pharmacogenomics study becomes crucial as it helps in predicting drug response to individual’s genetic make up.

  • Pharmacogenomics can lead to overall decrease in cost of health care because of decrease in ADR, number of failed drug trials, the length of time patients are on medication.

Accurate method that helps to decide highly effective treatment for individual

  • Pharmaceutical companies will be able to create drugs based on the proteins, enzymes, and RNA molecules associated with genes and diseases. 

  • This will facilitate drug discovery and allow drug makers to produce a therapy more targeted to specific diseases. 

  • This accuracy will not only maximize therapeutic effects but also decrease damage to nearby healthy cells.

  • Knowing one's genetic code will allow a person to make adequate lifestyle and environmental changes at an early age so as to avoid or lessen the severity of a genetic disease. Likewise, advance knowledge of particular disease susceptibility will allow careful monitoring, and treatments can be introduced at the most appropriate stage to maximize their therapy.

  • Both pharmacogenomics research and testing are converging from sequencing of the whole genome and testing of singles, respectively, toward screening of a panel of genes of pharmacological importance (pharmacogenes) and associating their variants to drug response. 

  • Amplicon-based targeted sequencing is an ideal approach that is cost-effective and easy to implement in the laboratory. The workflow is fast and simple to carry out, and the approach allows researchers and assay developers to focus only on the pharmacogenes being investigated.

  • CleanPlex Custom NGS Panels are powered by Paragon Genomics’ CleanPlex technology– an ultra-high multiplex PCR-based target enrichment technology for next-generation sequencing (NGS). It features a highly advanced proprietary primer design algorithm and an innovative, patented background cleaning chemistry.

CleanPlex® NGS Panels – Simple, Affordable Solution for Pharmacogenomics Profiling

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