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  • Studying Spatial Biology became a very essential for cancer research for understanding how cells organize and interact across the tissue landscape to drive disease progression and response to therapy.

  • In honor of Cancer Research Awareness month, join Nanostring and Illumina for a joint webinar highlighting the innovative leaps the field of Cancer Research has made with the use of Spatial Biology. 

  • During the event, speakers will discuss historic milestones in Cancer Research and how far the field has come. Additionally will share their GeoMx Digital Spatial profiling and Illumina NGS insights and experience.

Then & Now: Advancements in Cancer Research through Spatial Biology

Then & Now: Advancements in Cancer Research through Spatial Biology

25 May 2022, 4:00:00 pm
Jason Frazier, PhD

Jason Frazier, PhD

Vice President,

Scientific Operations, Presage Bio

Pauline Hamon, PhD

Pauline Hamon, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow,

Miriam Merad Laboratory, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY


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